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Design 5600S

Design Matters Brazil

Design students worked on team-based projects with Mackenzie University students to address community-identified design issues in São Paulo, Brazil.  Project-based teams of students conducted research, analyzed findings, and synthesized design proposals toward project implementation. During spring break 2018,  OSU students travelled to São Paulo, and worked directly with Mackenzie University students for on-site project implementation over a four day period. Prior to the on-site design work, the course is structured with virtual classroom meetings and co-design workshops communicating directly with Mackenzie University students to address needs of our community partner, Movimento Nacional da Populacao de Rua (MNPR). Students learned design phases, processes and methodologies for social impact design and social innovation. As an OSU sanctioned service-learning course, special emphasis is placed on mutually beneficial reciprocity between the students in learning and personal development and the community partner in providing design service that impacts them positively.  The spring break trip also included visiting significant cultural sites in São Paulo, Brazil.

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