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Susan Melsop

Susan is an Associate Professor of Design and holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her teaching and research interests are in design-build education and social impact design. She is the recipient of several outreach and engagement teaching awards, including the prestigious Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award. Studies in East Asian philosophy and Buddhism influence her approach to pedagogy and community-engaged design


Julianna Bertolini

Julianna is a Brazilian designer and an Associate Professor of Design at Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a Master in Education, Art, and History of Culture from the same University. She has received several awards and taken part in international exhibitions in different countries across Europe with her work in fashion design and art. In 2004, she started working with different NGO's and community artisans to co-create new products and integrate design methodologies in the process. She tries to embody social design in Design Project disciplines at the University, bringing social innovation and co-creation challenges to students.

Design Team

Interior Designer

Sammy bonner

I’m from Lafayette, IN and I moved to Columbus, OH to study design at Ohio State! I decided to study design because I loved the TV show Bar Rescue when I was growing up and I’ve always wanted to be able to create beautiful solutions to problems like these. I’m also a bartender at a bar on campus and I love reading or watching my favorite shows and movies on Netflix. I hope to be able to travel more for design in my future career.

Industrial Designer

Zelia Liu

I was born in China and came to the USA in 2014 for my college. I started to learn Industrial design in 2015 and I am really passionate about it. I am particularly interested in designing somethings for people to have a better daily life. Besides doing design, I love traveling with my family and friends.

Interior Designer

Kassi sturgill

I was born and raised in West Chester, Ohio which is about a half hour from Cincinnati. I am passionate about helping others, traveling, and sustainability. One reason that I chose to pursue Interior Design is because I want to make a positive impact on this world and design is a great way to be able to do this since it affects everyone. When I'm not designing or traveling you can find me spending time with my friends and family, working out, or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.

Interior Designer

sarah Chizever

I grew up in Columbus, OH and enjoy traveling and being outdoors. After graduation, I hope to design for a firm that specializes in sustainable commercial spaces. My mission through design is to create functional spaces through research-based problem-solving, environmental thoughtfulness, and cultural consideration.

Interior Designer

emily heslop

I grew up in Lewis Center, Ohio and have always had a passion for design. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to pursue design because it was a unique field of study that would allow me to utilize my skills in analytical thinking and problem solving while still providing me with a creative outlet.

Interior Designer

Erin teich

I am originally from Rochester, NY and I love to travel, hike, and explore new places. I am a junior and I am majoring in Interior Design because I want to help people and communities around the world through the use of design. My specific interests for a future career include designing educational spaces and retail spaces, as well as pursuing more Social Impact Design opportunities.

Industrial Designer

roo qian

Hey I am an industrial design student from Ohio State University. I grew up in China and came to United States three years ago to pursue my passion in design. I am interested in minimal, organic design style and especially in furniture design. Designing products to help people live a smarter and easier life is my career goal. I like collaborating with others and designing with people. In my free time, I like to travel and watch movies.

Visual Communication Designer

Lyndsay sweet

I am from Columbus, Ohio interested in using design to help others. Whether that's making a poster or an information video to help someone understand something better or going to another country and helping build things for people in need. I am particularly passionate about brand identity design and motion design. When I'm not designing love hanging out with friends and family and I'm probably snapping photos of something cool.

Industrial Designer

Tiffany Lau

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I originally thought I wanted to be an engineer, but after two years of studying Mechanical Engineering, I still wasn’t happy or fulfilled. I switched to Industrial Design my 2nd year at The Ohio State University and the rest is history. I love human centered empathetic design and the stories you learn from people along the way. I love getting my hands dirty and learning new things.

Industrial Designer

Philip Hurier

I study the Industrial Design at The Ohio State University, but I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I came to OSU because I liked the focus of the program which prefers to focus on people over things. I would prefer to focus my energy on solving the issues in our societal systems by looking at them with Humans as the center focus. I am highly motivated by family oriented topics because I am a father, and I believe that in order to teach our next generations to be different we must make the effort to exemplify how it can happen.

Juliana Xavier

Hi, I’m Juliana. I was born and raised in São Paulo, SP. When I was in high school I did an interior design technical course, then I thought I would become an architect. However, when I entered university, I switched courses out of the blue and chose design. I still don’t know why I did that, but for sure I would have done if I had not chosen design before! What I love most is to solve people’s problems and dealing with people. I feel accomplished knowing I did something good to someone else.

Gabriel Nunes

I was born in São Paulo, SP. I study Design at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. At first, I didn’t knew anything about design, I discovered the design course because of a friend, and I decided to try and ended up that I liked it, at the beginning I was into game design but the more I studied about design more I get attracted by the other areas. I love to create and project, putting my effort on it and seeing it done.

Juliana Krauss

Hi! My name is Juliana, but you can call me Krauss. I was born and raised in São Paulo, SP. Talking about how I became a designer, I discovered graphic design while I was looking for something to study on my graduation, but learned latter what being a graphic designer really means. Now I can’t see myself doing something different than creating memorable experiences through my true passion - Design.

Lub Santana

Hi! My name is Luciene, but I don’t like this name so you can call me Lub. Im 20 years old and I used to live at the beach, at SP coast side. I always liked art, loved drawing and painting but I also liked the computer part of it, so nothing more fair than to choose design right? Im always saying that when I first started to study design I didn’t knew the dimension of it. As the years went by, I found out different scopes and paths that made me fall in love even more for what design really is, passing over just art/product/graphic and getting to social part too. We design with and to, people, after all.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, but I lived for some of my life in the south and northeast of Brazil. Editorial design and brand building are the areas that I most enjoy working in the field of design. I like design, but I also like audiovisual and illustration and have done projects in these 3 fields. Despite being much more focused on graphic design, I still have an interest in designing products and fashion design. I am the type of person who likes to change constantly.

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